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Standard Deviation

What is Standard Deviation? It't pretty much how far an item deviates from the mean. First you find the mean and from there you can get the Standard Deviation (SD). Below is an image that illustrates how to calculate the SD. The reason they use n-1 instead of just n is to get a more accurate interpretation of what the SD would be.

Number Sets

Number SetsWhat are number sets? 
Simply put, that's all they are sets that have numbers inside. Sometimes we make things harder than they are. We think to deeply, which in some cases is great but others can slow down our learning process. I think girls and women in general tend to over analyze everything (which is why we make better decision ;) ). I don't mean to offend anyone this is just my experience with the women in my life. We over analyze situations, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and much more. I think this is a great quality, but it can haunt us as well. Now that I'm done over analyzing what I just said (hahaha), back to number sets. 
What is a Universal set?
A Universal set - Is a set that contains all elements. 

In the case below the "Real Numbers" set is the Universal set.

What are Subsets?  A subset is a portion of a set. (Or if it's easier to think of it like this: a portion of the universal set)

In the case below a subset would be all sets that are unde…