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Angular Components

So, what exactly is a component in Angular?

There are different way to look at this, I'll start with simple explanation; afterwards I will give a more technical description of what component are and how to use them.

When you are looking at a website and you see the menu, navigation, title, forms even buttons those can all be examples of component. "An Angular application is a tree of Angular components." So you see Angular components are what the building blocks of the actual application. When I first learned about component I didn't really understand this concept until I started to actually build a component myself.

There are three main properties a component must have, but before we talk about that lets look at a simple website and see what a component looks like.


In this example "Menu" is just one component of the app. A component …

My journey to technology

Just wanted to talk a little about myself and how I entered the tech world. I'll be brief on my early life. Both my parents were born in Nicaragua, but due to the civil war they fled to the U.S. to give us what they believed to be better opportunities. They didn't exactly know how to do it, they just knew that we wouldn't have to worry about the violence and poverty their country was experiencing. My parents had moved to Honduras to get away from the civil war in Nicaragua and that is where two of my sisters and I were born. When we came to the U.S. I was only about 3 years old, so I don't have any memories of my time in Honduras. The earliest memories I can recall are living in our apartment in Sunnyvale and my grandma (my fathers mother) being there reading the newspaper. I was probably about 5 by this time. In school, I did fine in most subjects I struggled a little in English, but was able to get through all my classes never failed a grade. We lived in the Bay Ar…