Strongly Typed?

I kept hearing that certain programming languages were strongly typed. I don't recall learning the concept of strongly typed in school so I was a bit confused. Turns out it was a lot easier to understand than I was expecting.

Here is what I found on Google:
Strongly typed - is a concept used to refer to a programming language that enforces strict restrictions on intermixing of values with differing data types. When such restrictions are violated and error (exception) occurs.

Pretty much this means every Variable MUST have a type (int, string, Boolean). For example if you code in JavaScript you do not have to state the type when declaring a variable, but in languages like Java and C++ you must state the type. So, you see JavaScript would NOT be considered a strongly typed language.

Assigning a Variable in JavaScript:    var myName = "Daisy" orvar age = 21
Assigning a Variable in Java:              String myName = "Daisy" or int age = 21

In JavaScript you use var

Getting to know Salesforce

So what have I learned about Salesforce, so much already that's for sure. I have really enjoyed learning from the Trailheads and I am now Adventurer. It's such a fun way to learn and they really do have a lot of content on Trailhead. So I recently worked with a co-worker on a Flow Builder project. I had no idea what I was doing, but with the help of my co-worker and learning from online resources I was able to complete the project. What I had to do was clone a record with it's child records. It doesn't sound that hard, but being so new to Flow Builder and trying to understand the logic behind how we should implement was challenging. I am now going to start learning Apex. There is a really good online resource that someone sent me I have also been keeping up with learning JavaScript. I use to practice concepts it's a great online tool to practice your coding skills.

As far as the admin work in Salesforce is, it&…

About 2 months in

So, I am now about two months in to my first tech job. I feel I have learned a lot, but still unsure if I know all I should at this point in my career. I know we are our own worst critics, but I don't even know what metrics to use to know if I am doing well or know enough. Small rant about myself is over.

Ok, so I was hired to be a Salesforce developer I had no experience in Salesforce other than taking a few trails on Trailblazer. It's actually really neat how they have created their training. It's one of the best trainings I've had for learning a new system. There is a lot of reading, but it is broken down for you and you get to apply the concepts in a playground (best way to describe it is a sandbox for your environment). I had heard of Salesforce years ago when I was looking for jobs in the bay area, but never really put much thought into it after that. I really had no idea how HUGE Salesforce is; Well, it is really BIG. I recently attended Dreamforce, all I can sa…

Angular Components

So, what exactly is a component in Angular?

There are different way to look at this, I'll start with simple explanation; afterwards I will give a more technical description of what component are and how to use them.

When you are looking at a website and you see the menu, navigation, title, forms even buttons those can all be examples of component. "An Angular application is a tree of Angular components." So you see Angular components are what the building blocks of the actual application. When I first learned about component I didn't really understand this concept until I started to actually build a component myself.

There are three main properties a component must have, but before we talk about that lets look at a simple website and see what a component looks like.


In this example "Menu" is just one component of the app. A component …

My journey to technology

Just wanted to talk a little about myself and how I entered the tech world. I'll be brief on my early life. Both my parents were born in Nicaragua, but due to the civil war they fled to the U.S. to give us what they believed to be better opportunities. They didn't exactly know how to do it, they just knew that we wouldn't have to worry about the violence and poverty their country was experiencing. My parents had moved to Honduras to get away from the civil war in Nicaragua and that is where two of my sisters and I were born. When we came to the U.S. I was only about 3 years old, so I don't have any memories of my time in Honduras. The earliest memories I can recall are living in our apartment in Sunnyvale and my grandma (my fathers mother) being there reading the newspaper. I was probably about 5 by this time. In school, I did fine in most subjects I struggled a little in English, but was able to get through all my classes never failed a grade. We lived in the Bay Ar…

Standard Deviation

What is Standard Deviation? It't pretty much how far an item deviates from the mean. First you find the mean and from there you can get the Standard Deviation (SD). Below is an image that illustrates how to calculate the SD. The reason they use n-1 instead of just n is to get a more accurate interpretation of what the SD would be.

Number Sets

Number SetsWhat are number sets? 
Simply put, that's all they are sets that have numbers inside. Sometimes we make things harder than they are. We think to deeply, which in some cases is great but others can slow down our learning process. I think girls and women in general tend to over analyze everything (which is why we make better decision ;) ). I don't mean to offend anyone this is just my experience with the women in my life. We over analyze situations, thoughts, feelings, beliefs and much more. I think this is a great quality, but it can haunt us as well. Now that I'm done over analyzing what I just said (hahaha), back to number sets. 
What is a Universal set?
A Universal set - Is a set that contains all elements. 

In the case below the "Real Numbers" set is the Universal set.

What are Subsets?  A subset is a portion of a set. (Or if it's easier to think of it like this: a portion of the universal set)

In the case below a subset would be all sets that are unde…